Before You Choose A New Floor, Think Of Its Insulation QualitiesThe level of insulation is one of the most important qualities of any home. Insulation has a profound effect on the comfort of the home and its long-term cost of ownership. Yet, most people don’t consider the insulation qualities of their flooring when comparing options.

There are many different ways to improve the floor insulation level in your home. For example, you could get new windows that have glazing or other treatments. These can influence the amount of direct solar radiation that your home absorbs and help improve the floor of hot and cold air.

Another option has to do with the walls themselves. Many older homes are poorly insulated. Likewise, older insulation can be somewhat hazardous to your health, depending on when it was made and what materials were used.

On the other hand, flooring can be an exceptional way to improve the insulation of your home. Not only does good flooring raise the insulation level of a room, but if the flooring is strong enough, it can even improve the overall structural durability of the house.

Two Issues To Look At When Considering How Well Your Floor Insulation Works

Thermal Insulation

This is the type of insulation most people are thinking of when they consider how to renovate a house. Thermal insulation will help naturally regulate the temperature of a room, and, ultimately, the entire structure. It can also significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling.

Acoustic Insulation

This is an issue that many people might not consider at first, but it can be extremely valuable. The acoustic insulation level of the floor helps to reduce ambient noise and keep noise from traveling into and out of the room. This can be valuable depending on sleeping arrangements.

If you have to choose between the two, thermal insulation is usually the most important. There are also more flooring options that will help you with thermal insulation. If your floors provide good insulation, then they can reduce your cost of ownership quite a bit over time.

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