4 LaminateMany people seem to think that synthetic flooring is pretty much interchangeable with another type of synthetic flooring, so laminate and vinyl may seem like the same thing to those not in the know. However, laminate is a very specific type of flooring that features four different layers of materials.

The four layers consist of:

• Balancing Layer
• Core Layer
• Pattern Layer
• Wear Layer

The bottom layer, or balancing layer, is the undersurface and it is what provides a moisture barrier between the rest of the layers and the subfloor. The next layer, the core, is made of a type of thick and flexible fiber board that has been treated with a resin to make it more durable and moisture resistant. The pattern layer is where the faux wood grain or marble pattern is added in a thin sheet, and the wear layer is the protective over coating that keeps the layer from scratching or getting dented.

Thanks to the many types of patterns that are available with laminate flooring, you may opt for a marble like texture or go for a natural wood or stone. However, the cost for laminate flooring is relatively stable, regardless of the style you go with. Since the process to make the flooring planks is the same regardless of the amount of “pattern” added on, the cost will typically be the same as well. Essentially, if you do find a better quality pattern and wear layer, it will be more expensive but will also have a better warranty and lifespan.

The cost for a flooring store to install laminate will often depend on whether the laminate is made in a floating floor style or will be glued down to the subfloor. The floating floors are only connected to one another and can move and shift slightly to prevent gaps between the planks. Since high moisture is not much of a problem in Southern California, it is feasible to have either type of laminate without issue.

Overall, the cost of flooring installation is relatively low for this laminate, since the installation process is typically quick and easy. In addition, with so many faux patterns to choose from, you can easily and affordably enjoy any kind of flooring you want. If you can’t afford pure white Carrera marble floors, you can enjoy faux marble laminate floors for less cost and far less maintenance and installation costs.

Laminate has really made it possible for homeowners to customize their homes within their budget and within their living needs, and many local Southern California flooring installation companies can provide you with many choices for the flooring and for the patterns as well.