bigstock-Large-Kitchen-In-New-Construct-5231832Slate has been used for roofing for a very long time and it is only in the past decade or so that a renewed interest in slate and all “green” materials have caused an upsurge in popularity for slate as a flooring option. Slate has been used for roofing simply because it can endure incredible wear without a problem and although slate can be cracked, it is usually maintenance free overall.

Slate has a very unique look and color that makes it delightful for the home. The soft and somber shades of blues, blacks, browns, taupe and even red makes these earth toned tiles beautiful in any setting. The only real downside to slate is that it is somewhat softer than some other types of natural stone and it is not recommended for very high traffic areas. However, slate has an interesting tactile surface that makes it terrific for high moisture areas, and it is a natural non-slip type of tile that can be enjoyed safely.

Since slate is unusually resistant to spills and even acids, it is terrific for kitchen areas. Some types of natural stone will literally be ruined if you spill acids like lemon juice, but slate takes all this in stride. If you are looking for a virtually maintenance free type of flooring that can withstand water and plenty of spills, slate is it!

Slate can come in a huge variety of colors and shapes and the cost will usually depend a great deal on the thickness and size of the tiles. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional flooring installation company to install slate, as the softness and nature of the material requires a skilled touch. Slate is not a job for a do-it-yourselfer. However, since the slate tiles can help keep the temperature of the rooms stable, it can lower your heating and air conditioning costs and so it makes your home temperature stable. Slate, like any natural stone, absorbs heat and cold from a room and helps keep the temperature at an even keel.

Slate requires special maintenance when it is used as flooring and does need to be tended to so it won’t flake or scratch. Your nearest flooring store will have the information and products you need to ensure that you can keep your slate floors looking like new, so be sure to ask Carpet Wagon professionals more about what this lovely stone can do for you!