Reclaimed wood is widely discussed today, and we all know its relevance in our lives. We talk so much about using reclaimed wood to make different pieces of furniture and objects. However, there is little that we are talking about the use of reclaimed wood for your entire floor. Reclaimed hardwood floors can be seen as a very viable option.

To begin with, there is a great deal of satisfaction with the fact that you can do something for the environment. With little deforestation left, maybe you do not want also to struggle with the guilt of being responsible for what lets it go.

It has stood with the test of time, and is less likely to yield. It is not a new wood that has come off the blade. It is more likely to be durable and last longer.

It has a raw natural appeal which gives it character. Reclaimed wood flooring has small imperfections such as stem, scratches and marks of nails. It is easier for the user as maintenance becomes easy. Any new surface is less likely to occur, and you are sure to enjoy this finish permanently without being too fussy about your reclaimed wood flooring.

The most important advantage of the use of reclaimed wood flooring is that it creates a look that is chic and sophisticated. For you, this is an additional advantage, since this can be done without being too heavy on the pocket.

The use of reclaimed wood flooring seems limiting, but there are many things you can do with it. The varnish you choose could really redefine the wood and adds new character for it. It is a great option for the living room or study room, while the judicious use in the master bedroom can also produce excellent results.

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How to find reclaimed wood?

The recovery of old wooden planks can give them new life by turning them into useful objects like flooring or furniture, such as a coffee table or shelf.

Here’s how to find reclaimed wood for your next renovation project:

1. Tour the shops that are offering architectural recovered elements.

You are assured to find clean wood construction, since the materials that are sold come from the deconstruction of old barns and houses. In addition to the boards and beams, you could find sinks, bathtubs, faucets, doors, pilasters and windows leaded glass. Old windows are not recommended in terms of energy efficiency, but they add a lot of character to a room where they are installed for decorative purposes. A tip: take action before you go to a store.

2. Explore the websites that sell reclaimed wood.

Various wholesalers and retailers offer reclaimed wood of all kinds, such as timber flooring services. Perform your search using keywords such as “reclaimed wood”, “recycled wood”, “antique wood” or “barn wood”, for example. If you are looking for accessories made from wood barn, search by entering terms like “recycled wood furniture” or “reclaimed wood furniture.”