It’s always wise to ascertain an estimate of the quantity of carpet you’ll need installing before you visit your local retailer or manufacturer. However if you can’t locate your tape measure, your local carpet retailer will be more than willing to come to your house and measure the necessary areas for you.

The major measurements you have to mull over are the general width and length of the area you would like to purchase carpet for, ensuring sure you take into consideration any large disparities in the room’s design and any niches or indentations such as doorways and bay windows. When you acquire these measurements, you can utilize a standard carpet calculator to ascertain the ballpark quantity of carpet your room necessitates, to give you a scheme of the price per square meter of carpet within your estimated resources. Remember that you may also require to permit for fitting the carpet and underlay.


The position and use of your carpet is a vital element in your choosing process. It’s no use deciding on a costly luxury carpet for the hallway if there will be incessant foot traffic, so before going to your local retailer to choose carpet,  ask yourself these questions:


Which area is the carpet meant for?

What’s this room chiefly utilized for?

What is the amount of foot traffic will be going through?

Is this room going to be the main area where family activities take place?

Will there be pets or children spending plenty of time in the said area?

Is the carpet exposed to direct sunlight on a daily basis?

Is it in the vicinity of a main doorway or a foyer with undeviating admission from outside?


Once you’ve chosen your carpet from the local retailer, they’ll offer you with a completely inclusive quote, also including an expert measuring service if necessary.
When you have agreed on a quote from your retailer, your carpet can usually be garnered and fitted within two weeks time.

Carpet Underlay

Whilst not all kinds of carpets require underlay, it’s always a great idea to mull over it for those carpets which do. Underlay functions as a padding to the non-stop foot traffic within your house and shields against the pile flattening. Although you don’t see your carpet underlay, you’ll most assuredly perceive its consequences. New carpet underlay also amplifies your carpet’s heat and sound insulation qualities significantly. If you have under floor heating, make sure that when installing carpet you utilize an underlay with a dependable thermal conductivity rating.

Put in the length and width of your room, as well as your costs, to locate the estimate of your new carpet per square meter, including VAT. Do not forget, rooms aren’t normally perfect squares, so this is only an approximation. Your local carpet seller will be able to conclude the total price for you, with the inclusion of fitting and underlay, and most proffer a free expert measuring service. Bear in mind that carpet comes in a multitude of fixed widths.