Has it ever occurred to you how the prices of carpets are determined? With the variety of carpets available in the market, how can the manufacturers know what type is expensive and which ones are cheap. It is important that we know these things so that we will be wise in purchasing our carpets. A little knowledge on this issue could greatly help us in our present and future purchases.

The carpet prices depend on several factors. We will tackle each one so that we can have an in-depth understanding of these elements.

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Carpet Prices

Carpet Size

Carpets are measured per square yard. These usually cost $10-$20 for simple carpets. Those that are of higher quality cost more; maybe an extra $10-$15 each square yard. Most carpets have paddings to serve as protection and safety. These types cost higher of course. With this, you should take a look at the room that you are going to place your carpet. If it’s easier, you can measure the room so that you can have an idea of the carpet size that you are going to need.

Carpet Density

A high density carpet is manufactured at a higher cost which also entails that it costs higher than the low density carpets. These fibers are tightly woven so that it will last longer with greater durability. The manufacturing cost is directly proportional to the cost of the carpets.

Carpet fibers and materials

High quality fibers are made from quality materials which are also expensive. An example is the wool carpets. This is an expensive type because wool is an extraordinary material which brings about quality and comfort to the carpets. There are different raw materials that are added on some carpets so that it can withstand time and tension. These carpets are of course more expensive than those that are composed of only a single material.

Synthetic fibers vs. natural elements

Carpets that are made from natural raw materials are expensive primarily because of the fact that natural raw materials are not easy to find. These natural fibers are limited so only a few carpets types and brands do have these. The scarcity of resources and the quality of these fibers are the reasons why it is expensive. The natural fibers are also more durable and stain resistant.

Installation services

This is also an essential part in determining the carpet prices. It is best if you opt for professionals when installing your carpet so that it can be safely. There are some stores that will include the installation fee of the total cost of the carpet and there are also companies that will give you free installation services especially if you have already bought several carpets on their store in the past. Just remember that it will be better off you opt for professionals in installing your carpets so that you can be assured that it will serve its purpose of protection and safety.

These are essential factors that determine the carpet price. Take your time in learning these things so that you will be wise to know if you have saved enough for the carpet of your choice.