When you are planning to purchase a carpet for your home, you will be overwhelmed by the different carpet types available in the market. The carpet industry has emerged into a growing market throughout the years. People have inclined to the usage and aesthetic benefits of carpets in that they would make it a point that carpets are part of their house.

Let us take a look at the different types of carpets based on how they are manufactured.

First, we have the woven carpet. This is generally the highest quality carpet available in the market. Because of the process, woven carpets possess intricate designs and rich colors that make it pleasing to the masses. The varied designs of woven carpets add luxury and style to every home. In addition, the texture and smoothness of the carpets are of high quality that royal families back then would place these carpets in the different rooms of their palaces.

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Another type is the velvet carpets. Like woven, people would go for velvet carpets because of its luxurious feel. This type of carpet would present a uniform color compared to other types which would have a variety of colors present in each carpet. A common feedback on this type is the softness that they would feel whenever they run their hands on it. Usually, this type is not thick on its texture so you should not place this on high traffic areas.

The cut and loop piles are a type which is a combination of loop and cut fibers. I guess we would get that from the name itself. It is known for its durability so if you intend to place this near a doorstep, then it would gladly serve its purpose. Another great thing about this is that it would gladly hide the dirt and footprint marks. You can opt for solid colors but you can also choose varied color palettes if you wish.

The Flatweave is another type of carpet which is made from warp and weft threads interlocking each other. Some of you may not have heard about this because it is not commonly used in the Western region. This type is popular in the Southeast Asian countries.

The Saxony consists of fibers that are interlocking which provide great texture. Consumers could choose which design to place in their homes. The downside to this type as regarded by some people is that marks like footprints would show. Some people do not want this to happen.

Another type is the Textured Saxony. This is one of the popular types and unlike the Saxony, this would not hold footprints or marks because of the bold and solid colors. In terms of durability, this type is also at its peak.

These are just a few of the many types of carpets out there. Luxury, sophistication and class are major elements that a simple carpet could bring forth in a home. Learn the different types and you will surely find the best for your own abode.