Going Green With Your FlooringThe latest trend in home design and décor is to go “green”, or to find natural products that are not harmful to the environment or your health. As the green movement has gathered steam, it has made more natural products available to the average homeowner, and this means that the next time you go shopping for your next floor at a flooring store you will probably find a staggering array of “green” flooring options. What exactly, though, is a “green” floor?

Green means ecologically friendly, natural and self-sustaining. Many people would like to avoid the toxins found in certain types of carpet and even in some kinds of wood flooring and are looking for good quality and good looking alternatives that will keep their home looking great and their health good as well.

Cork has quickly become one of the most popular types of green flooring on the market. Cork floors are springy, sound absorbent, lovely to look at and extremely green. It is harvested in a special way so as to not harm the cork tree, and is a renewable resource.

Stone has also gained popularity, and this very durable type of flooring makes a great long term investment. Stone is available in many colors and styles and while a bit more expensive, the durability and longevity makes it a smart choice and a beautiful one as well.

Natural fiber carpets are also seeing an increase, and wool, jute and hemp carpets offer the softness of carpet without toxins or allergens. For those sensitive to chemicals, these are a great way to enjoy carpet under your feet without compromising your health. You can sometimes even find natural grass carpets as well as other types of fibers. These non-toxic carpets withstand wear about as well as conventional carpets, and although a bit more expensive, are much healthier.

Hardwood floors were popular long before the green movement, but happily, they are safe as well as beautiful and still widely available today. Hardwood makes a great choice, because you can easily meet your budget as well as your décor needs. If installed and cared for correctly, you can enjoy your hardwood floors for many years before they need maintenance.

Laminate is now being made out of recycled materials, and some flooring companies can offer a special “green” type of laminate flooring. Laminate can be installed without glue, thus saving you from being exposed to toxins, and it is a long lasting and very affordable option for flooring.