A Guide on Carpeting

Experience the warmth and comfort of the carpeting and enjoy a desirable landing area for your feet. Carpets dampen sound to make a room more tranquil, and the plethora of patterns, textures, and colors improves your styles. You will also be glad about the fitted dirt-repelling technologies.

Today, several carpets can hold up heavy traffic, pets, and children. Learn the types of carpet to help you find out which will withstand to the usage of a certain room. Triexta, olefin, and PET polyester carpet fibers all are resistant to stains. Triexta and olefin fibers fare well with home cleaners. Triexta and nylon are popular for extensive wear in areas with high traffic, and both are resistant to fuzzing and pilling.

Types of Carpeting

Berber Cut-Pile Carpet

A new take on Berber carpet with a plush appearance, Berber cut-pile type feels thick on bare feet and adds character to a room through wonderfully colored and crafted yarns. This carpet can be used for children’s rooms and casual rooms, with subtle flecks of color that conceal soil between cleanings.

guide on carpeting
guide on carpeting

Berber Multilevel Loop and Loop-Pile

Wool-like carpets that have a rugged loop surface, these carpets wear well and are suitable for a casual room with a lot of activity and traffic as well as cottage, contemporary, or country furnishings. With its handcrafted and natural look, it also produces a personal and warm atmosphere and helps conceal vacuum marks and footprints.


Cut-and-loop pile carpets with apparent carved definition add zings to flooring surfaces that have accent colors and are suitable for both contemporary and formal environments. From soft tonal blends to bolder color combinations, this carpet conceals stains and soil with multicolor effects as well as looks good between vacuuming.

Textured Plush

Cut-pile carpets that work in different settings and styles conceal vacuum marks and footprints. Adding a casual look to a room, textured plush carpet is a great whole-house option and is suitable for active households.


This refined cut-pile carpet surface is perfect for traditional dining and living rooms and adds unique style to a room. Lending a soft and smooth finish, this carpet exhibits subtle accents and highlights.

Carpet Fibers

Knowing the carpet fibers obtainable will help you choose efficiently for your home offices, gathering rooms, and bedrooms:


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Resilient, durable
  • Favorably priced
  • Wide range of colors
  • Should be treated to resist soil and stains PET polyester
  • Colorfast; color clarity
  • Luxurious feel
  • Water-soluble stain resistant Triexta PTT
  • Enduring stain protection
  • Luxurious feel
  • Wear resistant
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy maintenance Olefin polypropylene
  • Resists stains, fading, moisture, and chemicals
  • Limited color variety
  • Favorably priced
  • Generates static electricity Color of Carpeting

    There are basically two methods wherein color is made in modern carpets:

After tufting, stock-dyed, or post-dyed, carpets are dyed. Most carpets used for residential areas are post-dyed. Though the color is on the fiber surface, new dye additives offer improved color retention, meaning the color withstands to frequent cleaning and sunlight with less fading.

Pre-dyed, or solution-dyed, carpets offer yarns dyed prior to being tufted or sewn together. This dying process is very colorfast and gives rise to color all through the fiber thickness, thus fading is less of a concern. Pre-dyed carpeting tends to be costlier than a post-dyed carpet.