how to choose carpetThanks to the seemingly endless variety of colors, designs, materials and styles, a great carpet can completely transform a room in one fairly easy step. Whether it’s a plush shag, an all-purpose Berber, a lush Saxony or rugged Frieze, carpets can be selected to match almost any living environment. Add the wide selection of colors and designs and your choices are stretched even further.

There are some basic tips that come in handy when you are considering which style of carpet is right for your home. Not every style of carpet is right for every room. Carpeting for the living room may not be suitable for a kids room, and carpeting for a bathroom will be different than carpeting for a family room. It’s important to consider several aspects of your home and the room you’ve decided to carpet before making a selection.

Here are four key tips on how to choose carpet


The type of room and the usage will help determine what type of carpeting is best for that area. For instance, a plush, thick carpet would be ideal for a bedroom, where it can provide a cushion of warmth on those cold winter mornings. Conversely, a tightly woven pile carpeting can stand up to the heavy traffic usually seen by a family room. In addition to style, the color of carpeting can also make a difference. If that family room is also the site of a lot of casual dinners, a carpet color that can hide hard-to-get-out stains might be advisable.


Pile is the surface of the carpet (the yarn) that you see and walk on. The construction of the pile gives the carpet different properties. For instance, Berber is comprised of cut loops of thick yarn. This gives it a greater level of durability and makes it resistant to showing footprints or the tracks of a vacuum cleaner. Saxony is a dense carpet made up of level piles of no more than a half-inch, making it a luxurious choice for formal areas like the living room or master bedroom. And a random shear carpet is one where the pile is cut in certain sections to created a textured pattern. Consider the room and the usage when selecting a pile.


Although there are some striking colors and designs available, not all complement every dÉcor. If you’re designing a room from scratch, you can select the carpet first and build the room around it. However, if you are looking to replace a carpet or install one for the first time, take along swatches of your furniture fabric and curtains if possible (if not, take a really good photo along with you). Conversely, bring back swatches of carpeting to see how they match up with your existing home dÉcor.


Many people forget about the padding when selecting carpet, but it’s an essential element. Padding provides extra support for the carpeting and helps hold it in place, preventing it from slipping. Different types of carpeting require different types of padding, so consult with your local carpet professional to find out the right padding for the carpet you’ve selected.

Take the time to learn about the various types of carpet and you can make a selection that will provide years of beauty and comfort in your home.

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