Keeping The Carpet Clean Depends On Which Kind You BuyMany new parents are dismayed to realize that their precious Berber carpets are being ruined by the spills and thrills of parenthood, and that carpet and children are not always compatible. And yet, when toddlers are learning to walk, it is essential that they have a non-slip and soft place to learn in order to avoid getting hurt during this time of their growth and development.

So, what is a parent to do? Choose durable and stain resistant flooring that can also induce bumps and bruises or go with the soft and oh-so-easily stained carpet that helps their child learn to walk more easily while also ensuring many hours with a carpet shampooer?

Thankfully, there are more options available for this conundrum than you may think. Stain resistant carpet may not be a new concept, but today’s materials are far superior to the shag and supposedly “stain resistant” carpets of by-gone days. Some of these carpets are incredibly resistant to stains and daily wear, and yet can still maintain their softness and springiness – a rare feat indeed.

Many of today’s carpet stores in Los Angeles can offer some of the latest in stain resistant strand carpeting, and often at no more cost than for regular carpet. In fact, the extra durability offered by the stain resistance helps keep the integrity of the pile intact long after most carpets deteriorate into stubborn and worn looking mush. For that fact alone, whether you have children or not, these carpets are usually a much better deal overall and offer less maintenance, less replacement cost, greater longevity and incredible softness and that delicious new feel of just laid-out carpet.

While there are many options now available for your carpeting needs, here are some tips to remember when choosing the right one for your kid-friendly home.
1. Do not get white carpet unless you really like to clean carpets. Even the most stain resistant white carpet in the world will show up grape juice spills. If you have young kids, play it safe- choose a darker color.
2. Always consider the softness and quality of the pile, rather than the cost. You really do want a carpet that you and your family can play and loll about on.

3. Get the best stain resistant carpet that the carpet store offers. It will come in handy. If need be, simply have one large section of your home carpeted for the use of the little ones, and stick with your regular flooring options for the rest of the home.