Carpeting For SafetyThe majority of homes in America have wall to wall carpeting, and why not? It is comfortable and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, not all carpeting is produced with the health and safety of the consumer in mind. Whether your carpeting is new or old you may be exposing yourself and your family to a number harmful substances everyday without even knowing it.

Purchase Smart, Purchase Safe

Many varieties of carpeting contain a number of volatile organic chemicals, or VOC’s, which can be harmful, especially to children and developing fetuses, as well as known carcinogens. These chemicals are inherent in the structure in the carpet and include things like petroleum byproducts, stain repellants, PVC, insecticides and antimicrobials. What is more, older carpets may contain now outlawed, even more toxic substances like asbestos and lead, and have likely absorbed a number of other toxins such as smoke, paint fumes and household cleaning products.

The chemicals embedded in the fibers and backing of the carpet are released from carpeting via a process called out-gassing in which energy (usually in the form of heat and sunlight) causes the chemicals to be released as gas.

In addition to the inherent chemical dangers, carpeting is also uniquely liable to harbor numerous other health risks. Dust, allergens and soil are easily pulled from our feet and trapped in the fibers, only to be re-emitted into the air when we walk over the spot later. Many types of pest are also very comfortable in the fibers of carpets including fleas and dust mites.

Carpet Safety

Now, it is not to say that carpeting on the whole is a danger to your family, but rather that when choosing carpet for your home you should do research up front to ensure that you are purchasing a product that is safe.  In 2004 the carpet industry has itself begun using a rating system that labels carpets as free from toxic chemicals. When browsing around the carpet store you should look for carpeting with Green Label Plus Certification. Another option is to purchase carpeting that is made from nature fibers such as wool or hemp, although many of these have been chemically treated so it is worth checking the manufacturer’s website.

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