Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.45.49 PMEveryone knows that carpet under bare feet can feel luxuriously soft and delightful and when you add a lovely look to the nice feel of carpet, it is easy to see why it is so popular. However, many people eschew buying carpet because they are concerned about it fading or getting stained. While this is certainly a common problem, there are actually carpets made just to be resistant to dirt, grime and even fading.

StainMaster carpet is one of the leading brands of carpet in the nation, and with good reason. It is a high quality carpet that can be found in many colors and thicknesses and even softness levels. However, what is truly terrific about this brand of carpet is that it can truly let a busy home get on with business and will resist stains incredibly well.

Even couples without children will often have a need for stain resistant carpet. One muddy day can let muddy and dirty footprints track in grime and if you don’t relish the thought of constant shampooing, you may really appreciate the stain resistant qualities of StainMaster. It is also very pet friendly as well and this means that house training your new puppy can suddenly be a much easier task. StainMaster carpet is designed to easily release pet hair so it will be much friendlier to allergy sufferers. In addition, this carpet is designed to help keep liquids from soaking into the subfloor as well and thus, makes cleaning a breeze. This carpet is designed to offer a lifetime of user friendly beauty in your home.

Carpets without the unique stain and sun resistant qualities of StainMaster can quickly get ruined and all of your investment will be lost. Carpet Wagon has an incredible selection of carpeting options for those who want the beauty and softness of good quality carpet without all of the maintenance. We can also offer terrific installation options as well so you can simply sit back and enjoy your new carpet.

Whether you have an active family and need a kid or pet friendly carpet or want to be able to keep your curtains open and not worry about faded carpet, StainMaster and Carpet Wagon have everything you need. Visit our store and let our trained carpet specialists help you discover your work free options for your flooring. You can enjoy a wide variety of pile thicknesses, colors and even subflooring thicknesses as well.