Tips For Keeping Your New White Carpet Looking Its BestWhite carpet is, rightfully enough, the litmus test for any housekeeper. Since white shows off every stain and carpet will delightedly grab all dirt and debris and hold onto it, white carpet can be an extreme challenge to keep looking clean. Why, then, do so many people enjoy it?

The color white has been an interior decorator’s trick for a long time. Judiciously used, white can make a small room feel large, can create a sense of relaxation and cleanliness in a room, and it goes with anything! However, white is also the hardest color to keep unflawed. If you are interested in getting new white carpet put into your home, you may want to remember these tips for keeping your new white carpet looking new.

Any carpet installation company worth their salt will offer stain resistant white carpeting. Always opt for the best quality and the carpet with the best stain resistance. This will help prevent many a stain and spill from setting in.

Remember to have guests leave their shoes at the door. This is not rude, and will go a very long way to keeping mud and debris away from your carpets. Use interior and exterior rugs at all entry points, and insist on the no-shoe policy for your floors.

When a spill does happen, have your stain lifting products handy. The sooner you can remove or lift the stain, the less likely it is to stay put.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, and for those with white carpeting, you may want to increase it to twice a year. Steam cleaning can remove a great deal of the soils that you can’t see and does a much better and more thorough job than a vacuum.

Use carpet runners for heavy traffic areas like hallways or entry ways. This will help keep the stains to a minimum and will prevent the carpet itself from getting worn down.

Keep the food and drinks off the carpet. This may be a hard rule to instill in homes where there is a more casual atmosphere, but if you want your white carpets to stay white, this rule must be firmly in place.

When looking over your white carpeting options, remember that Carpet Wagon is always getting the newest and most up-to-date products on the market. Always ask about the latest carpet styles and stain resistant alternatives that can keep your carpet looking its best.