TopWool carpets are one of the oldest types of rugs or carpets known to man and it is just as popular today as it ever was. Even though wool carpeting today tends to be a little more expensive initially, since wool is so incredibly durable and offers such a long life span, you actually get a much better value for your money. In addition, the luxurious softness of wool carpeting is simply unmatched and it is perfect for homes with kids or pets, while still being stylish enough for single adults as well.

When choosing your next flooring options from Carpet Wagon, consider these five reasons why wool is a superior product.

1. Longevity. Since wool fibers are natural and these fibers are tightly and carefully woven into the carpet, it typically has a much longer life span than synthetic fibers.

2. Sound absorption. The wool fibers are a surprisingly good sound absorber. Due to the porosity of the wool, it basically absorbs the sound waves and helps dampen noise.

3. Soft texture. Wool is incredibly soft underfoot and even though it is incredibly soft, it will also spring back in place after being stepped on, making it resistant to foot prints and vacuum marks.

4. Hypoallergenic. For those who suffer from allergies and yet long for carpet, wool is one of the best hypoallergenic carpet materials. It is also non-toxic as well and is considered a “green” fabric.

5. Wool is able to help control the moisture and the temperature in a room. The wool fibers naturally absorb and give off moisture from the air in a room, and so can keep it from becoming excessively dry or wet. It also helps insulate a room as well to keep the temperature regulated in both summer and winter.

6. Stain resistant. Due to the components of natural wool fibers, it is actually very stain resistant naturally and so requires a lot less maintenance than synthetic carpet.

7. Holds colors. The wool fibers will absorb and retain dye colors much better than synthetic fibers, and so it wears well and looks new longer.

8. Fire retardant. Wool is considered to be one of the best natural fire retardant fabrics and this makes is incredibly safe for flooring.

9. Biodegradable. Wool is a natural, green and biodegradable substance.

10. Availability. Wool is still one of the most popular choices for carpeting can easily be found in most carpet stores.