Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.46.02 PMTo some people, carpet is distinguishable only by the cost and the thickness. However, there are many styles, types, thicknesses, costs and even lengths of fibers and all of them have their own distinctive factors that need to be considered before you buy.

Even the least expensive carpet costs money, and since you are making an investment any way you look at it, doesn’t it make sense to get the most of your investment? Here are a few different types of carpet to consider.

Level loop revers to the long loops of fabric that are all the same length. The main advantage of this type of carpeting is that the carpet fabric, being all the same length, will uphold heavy traffic much better. It is resistant to footprints and even the vacuum cleaner tracks. This is a great carpet for homes with kids or pets.

Multi-level loop carpet is just that – it features loops of several different lengths, and thus is much softer and more easily “dented” by footprints and the vacuum. However, it is incredibly soft and is a great surface for babies to play or to just walk barefoot through the house.

Shag, and yes, this includes the hideously colored 1970s shag carpet seen in old RVs and homes, is still around today but fortunately today’s version is much improved. Today’s shag is made of fibers that are fairly loosely woven and has some long individual strands as well.

Berber is one of the more well-known types of carpet and is often seen in offices and other extremely heavy traffic areas. The loop pile is often loosely woven and this can make it more resistant to wear, but also a little more resistant to cleaning. However, it is also one of the more affordable options and is perfect for offices, schools and high traffic areas.

These are just a few of your available choices available on the market today and Carpet Wagon is the carpet store that has it all. If you find yourself bewildered by the sheer number of choices you have, let the experts at Carpet Wagon help! Ultimately, it often comes down to personal preference of durability, softness and cost, but don’t forget that you have many more options than you ever realized. It pays to do your homework thoroughly before you buy because you might find a better option. The carpet stores will have staff to help guide you through your options as well.