Tile Flooring Carpet

Passive solar heating and cooling has become increasingly popular for homes, as it not only helps to reduce your overall costs of living by utilizing passive solar heat via windows, flooring options and even drywall, but it is also an ecologically friendly way of life that requires little, if any, extra money or effort.

While it comes as no surprise to many people that your flooring options can help or hinder your cost of living, many people are shocked to discover that plain old ceramic tile – seemingly the humblest and most common of flooring options – is still one of the most cost efficient flooring options for both now and later down the road.

Ceramic tile, available in many colors, shapes, thicknesses and even textures, is unique in that it can hold both heat and coolness from a room. Imagine this scenario – you have large southern facing windows in your home. You have ceramic tile on the floor of this room. As the sunlight warms these ceramic tiles over the course of a day, the tile will hold this warmth and once the sunlight is gone, continue to gently radiate this heat, thus causing a lesser need for extra heating. Conversely, ceramic tile can hold the coolness of an air conditioned room and continue to bounce back this coolness so you need less external cooling as well.

Aside from the terrific longevity and passive solar energy offered by ceramic tile, it is also one of the most cost effective for installation as well, and you have a virtually unlimited selection as far as color and style. This means that no matter your décor or your budget, you can easily find ceramic tiles to match. In addition, the wide availability of this material also means that it will be very easy to find replacement tiles should you ever need them.

Many flooring store companies can offer you a dazzling array of tiles, and the installation for this type of flooring can be surprisingly affordable. You can also opt for ceramic tiles on your kitchen counters, for backsplashes and even for your fireplace areas.

These tiles, once properly installed, grouted and sealed by professional flooring installation companies, can last for many years and can withstand children, pets, spills, scuffs and time. You can also enjoy the fun of making your own mosaic patterns as well with the leftover tiles, or simply choose a fun border or pattern when you select your tiles from the flooring store.

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