Energy efficient floorsWhile cold and frigid winters are rarely a concern in Southern California, many people would still like to lower their utility bills during the winter months and have a home that is as economically friendly and cost effective as possible. Your floors can have a great deal to do with the energy efficiency of your home, and if you have ever walked through a home without good floors and felt the chill under your feet, you could easily see why you need the right kind of floor for your comfort and for your pocketbook.

If using conventional heating methods, carpet is one of the best insulators for a floor. Carpet installation consists of putting a mat underneath the carpet as well, and so offers at least two barriers against the cold under the house. Carpet is also available in many thicknesses and styles, so you can easily find what you like to match the décor of your home as well as your energy needs.

Concrete is surprisingly good as an energy efficient type of flooring, and it is especially good with radiant heat systems. Concrete will capture and hold heat from windows and can be obtained in many colors that mimic the look of natural stone.

Tile, particularly thick pieces of it, is also terrific for helping create a barrier against the elements. Tile can be made of porcelain, ceramic and even slate and when properly installed, grouted and sealed, can be a great and efficient type of flooring. Tile is also very good with radiant heat systems.

Cork is probably one of the best natural types of insulated flooring, because the cork itself is able to act as a sound barrier as well as a barrier against the weather. Cork is also “green”, can last for fifty years or more and is great for homes where children are running around due to the softness of the cork flooring.

Although there are certain types of flooring that will offer more energy efficiency, it really comes down to the amount of insulation beneath the floors. This is why it pays to have professional installation, because they can ensure that you have adequate insulation and can make adjustments to offer you the most energy efficient home possible.