Hardwood Flooring Tips QuestionsWhen you’re looking to install new flooring in your home, your number one aim is probably finding an installation service that can get the job done quickly and seamlessly. Well, with Carpet Wagon, that’s precisely what you’re getting. We’ll help you with all the necessary insight and answers you may have prior to beginning your new project.

For example, do you know what things to keep in mind when you’re beginning the task of purchasing new flooring?

1. What is each room used for?

Is it a child’s room? If so, how old is the child. Will more than one child be occupying the room? You may also want to consider whether or not each room has any demands. Let’s say you do have a room that needs new flooring and this room belongs to your youngest child at the age of 5. This means the room will need to be cleaned often. Which then means you should consider that the flooring of the room must allow for the easiest cleaning possible.

Other considerations may include:
– The room’s necessity for comfort
– Whether the room is used for work, play, or storage
– Whether exposure to moisture is a concern
– Whether the room will be prone to an influx of traffic and spills

2. Do you have any specialized features in mind?

One thing that’s gracing homes all across the US is that of heated flooring. Now that the winter months are upon us, this is becoming an ever-popular amenity. And if this feature is on your wish list, you’ll need to consider what type of laminate flooring will serve this best.

3. Will you or someone else be maintaining the care and handling of special surfaces?

Now that we’ve mentioned the idea of heated flooring, did you know they’ll need to be cleaned a certain way? Perhaps your heart’s truest desire is sustainable flooring. This is doable for Crpet Wagon, of course, however, they do require alternate care other than the average type of flooring material.

4. What is your flooring’s base?

Beneath your new flooring material will be a base. Sometimes this base is concrete. Many flooring types can be set against the concrete, however, that will mean that another base, one for moisture protection, will need to be applied beforehand. The thing to note is that not all floors can be set against just any base, so this is especially important to consider.

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