Concrete FlooringConcrete is not usually what comes first to mind when most people think about flooring options. Usually when we think about concrete we think about driveways or sidewalks, but concrete is used extensively as a flooring material in office buildings, schools and homes around the world. It has a number of qualities that make it an excellent choice for creating unique and beautiful floor designs.

First of all, concrete is tough.

That is why we use it for roads and sidewalks: it can handle immense pressure without cracking or buckling. What that means for a homeowner is a floor that is will resist damage from shoes, furniture legs and the myriad of creative ways children find to damage floors. This innate toughness also means that your concrete floors will last a lifetime, probably even longer. On top of that, concrete is very easy to maintain, needing only a good waxing once or twice a year.

While the general image of concrete is the boring gray or white we see when walking along the sidewalk, concrete actually offers a great deal of design freedom. Concrete can be mixed or stained in any color combinations you can imagine and a variety of different textures allowing you to really go all out when creating an impressive entryway or elegant kitchen floor.

Many existing ground level structures already have a concrete subfloor, meaning you actually wouldn’t need any flooring installation, just clean up and finish the surface of the concrete. Not only will this save you money it will also reduce your environmental impact since you did not have to cut down any trees for wood flooring or produce any of the petrochemicals used to manufacture carpeting.

Concrete is often overlooked by homeowners, but has proven to be a reliable, attractive, and easy to maintain flooring in a variety of settings and continues to grow in popularity, even in residential markets. But don’t just take our word for it. Contact Carpet Wagon today. We’d be glad to hear from you and answer any concrete questions you have.