5 Hardwood Floors Can Solve Your Allergy IssuesHardwood flooring is not always made out of “hard” woods like oak or walnut – some flooring is also made from “soft” woods like pine, maple and cherry. Wood flooring is one of the most beautiful types of flooring on the market, and can feature many exotic colors, patterns and striations depending on the type of wood you get. With hues ranging from brown and purple tinted walnut to the rich reds of cherry, you can get flooring that will capture the light and gleam and mellow over the years.

Not only is wood flooring among some of the most beautiful in the world, it is also one of the healthiest options as well. People who suffer from allergies, whether seasonal or year round, often find that replacing their carpets with good wood floors reduces their symptoms immensely. Carpet and rugs tend to grab dander, hair and other allergens and hold onto these irritants even after a thorough vacuuming. Wood floors on the other hand come clean completely and a simple vacuuming, or with a broom and damp mop. These can remove allergens and keep your air cleaner and purer – thus reducing allergies.

Hypoallergenic flooring is a great option even if you don’t have allergies, and woods like bamboo and cork are becoming exceptionally popular. These two types of wood are unusually resistant to moisture and the surface is very smooth, leaving little chance for allergens to lurk about. Cork is also very environmentally friendly, it is soft underfoot, making it perfect for homes with small children, and it is easy to clean.

Remember that you no longer have to settle for ho-hum vinyl floors just because you or a family member suffers from allergies – there are beautiful and exotic wood floors that can add value and equity to your home while relieving you of your allergy issues.

When looking for a professional flooring installation team, it is crucial that you find one that offers experience in laying hardwood floors. These types of floors must be done correctly or they can warp and create issues later on. Find a company that can offer the better brands of hardwood flooring and has the experience in many types of flooring and carpet installation. These pros will often be able to complete the jobs more quickly, they have the right tools and skills and the cost of installation is usually lower thanks to the competence of the workers.