Marble Not Just For The ParthenonAnyone who has studied their ancient Greek mythology is probably well aware that the Parthenon, the beautiful temple dedicated to Athena, is made of marble. Marble is a type of rock that has been used for centuries as the best building and flooring material around, and from Italy to Rome to Greece, there are still many structures still standing that show just how durable and lovely marble is – even after many centuries.

While some marble tiles and flooring options may be more expensive than plain ceramic or porcelain tiles, marble wins the durability challenge hands down and thus, is actually a much better investment for flooring in today’s homes. Marble, typically a soft white color with a rich and shining luster, features veins of color that can range from pink to grey and brown and anything in between. Once considered to be a sign of exquisite good taste and sophistication, marble is an elegant choice and one that is becoming more affordable every day.

Aside from the incredible durability and longevity of marble flooring, it is also an incredibly ecologically friendly option as well. Since marble is a natural, quarried substance, it is self-sustaining and completely harmless to the environment. In fact, since it is a natural product, when more people use options like marble, there is less need for synthetic materials that are not so “green.”

Marble is also surprisingly low maintenance to clean and use. While it is porous and can be stained in the right circumstances, a properly sealed marble tile floor is easy to clean, hypoallergenic and requires very little work to keep it at optimum condition. Aside from basic cleaning, you may need to re-polish every few years, but otherwise it needs little else. This is a great flooring option for those who have allergies or need as little dust and debris as possible. Marble, being nice and smooth, offers little that will “catch” allergens, and thus it is fantastic for allergy sufferers.

Finally, marble will help hold the radiant heat and coolness of a room, and thus can help lessen the need for additional heating and cooling. When you factor in the passive solar savings, the durability and longevity, as well as the ecological and health benefits of using marble, it’s no wonder that it is just as popular today as it was in ancient times. Make your own monument to beauty and longevity with marble tile flooring from a reliable flooring store!