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When some people hear the words “vinyl flooring,” it sometimes brings to mind the industrial looking tiles found in hospitals and military installations from the 1950’s. This really does today’s vinyl flooring options a great injustice, as the material and the options for style have improved a great deal.

Vinyl is basically a type of plastic, and since the plastics of today are outstanding, you can find vinyl tile that can mimic the look of natural stone, wood and even marble while still offering the low cost and low maintenance of plastic. Most vinyl tiles are created by adding several layers of the vinyl plastic atop a layer of fiberglass, and decorative layers are added and finally sealed within. This gives superior resistance to moisture and protects the faux design as well. Additionally, since vinyl is a type of plastic, it is easy to cut to size and thus, easier to install, making the costs even lower.

When choosing the right kind of vinyl flooring, remember that the thicker the mils, the better the longevity of the tiles. If you plan on keeping this floor for a while, go for a thicker tile as it wears better. Also, you don’t have to settle for a vinyl floor that looks like a vinyl floor. If you want the look of marble, granite, slate or even wood, then you are in luck, since many of the flooring stores have vinyl that can look like about any material under the sun.

Vinyl can resist scratches, spills, dirt and debris and needs very little cleaning and maintenance. This is a great material for homes where children and pets play, but it is just as elegant looking as fine marble and so you really do get the best of both worlds.

Since the ease of the installation for vinyl tile means that the installation costs will be low as well, this gives you a great advantage when shopping for your new vinyl flooring. You will no longer have to choose a less expensive flooring option to make up for the high installation costs and instead can enjoy great flooring, affordable installation and a quick installation process as well.