• HARDWOOD - Windsor 5in. 916 Natural Walnut, Cozumel 233 SouthernSunMost people choose their room colors according to their sense of taste and to match their décor accessories, and few realize that the color of your room can have a big effect on mood and the overall ambiance of a home. While most people do know that a lighter color will affect the perception of the size of a room, not everyone realizes that dark colors can, in certain circumstances, actually excite or appear dramatic. Interestingly enough, while many will take great care with their paint colors, not everyone stops and thinks about how the color of their floors will affect their emotional appeal for a room.

Yellow pine is a soft wood and one that is quite popular for flooring due to its ready availability and affordability. This wood flooring option will add a sunshiny air to your home, and it does not affect the perception of the size much, so it can be used in large or small rooms with equal effect. However, remember that this type of flooring will gradually darken as it ages, and so what begins as a bright yellow will eventually become a richer and much darker color over time.

Cherry, mahogany and rosewood have a distinctive red hue, and this color is said to give a vibrant feel to any room. These woods are a bit more expensive than pine, but have a harder and denser format and so offer a bit more durability than pine. These types of wood are excellent in décor that uses the heavy detail of Edwardian styling and yet you can also utilize a great deal of white or light colors to add a more modern and contemporary feel.

Walnut can be a solid brown or it can be shot through with dark chocolate or even purple streaks with the better quality walnut. This color is thought to give a subdued and rather studious air, and due to the incredible quality of walnut flooring, will last for many, many years. This wood is exceptional for libraries that hold heavy book shelves and music rooms, where the weight bearing factor and the acoustic quality will add much to the functionality of the room.

When looking over your flooring options at your local flooring stores, be sure to take into account the overall look of a type of wood flooring. If possible, look at large sections of samples to get the best idea of how it will look in your home.