Tips For Getting The Right Area RugArea rugs can provide a splash of color in an otherwise dull room and can also offer a soft and safe place to nestle in front of the fireplace. However, not all rugs will look equally great and not all rugs will fit neatly into the spots you like. There are some rules to follow if you want to ensure that you are happy with the final results of your area rug.

1. Budget should be your last consideration. You are making a long term investment in a rug, so your cost should not be the main factor you consider. The quality of the rug should be paramount – not the quality of your wallet.

2. Consider the amount of traffic that will be on the rug. If you need a rug in your foyer, don’t get an antique Oriental carpet. Save those for the guest rooms. For high traffic areas, be sure to get a durable rug or you will be replacing it sooner than you like.

3. Get the right size for the space. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you get an area rug that is as large as the area of your furniture. This applies to under the dining room table as well – the rug should be large enough to allow you to keep your chairs on the rug even when in use.

4. When choosing the color, keep your furniture in mind and try to have our rug match the primary colors of your furniture and décor.

5. The more elaborate the patterns on the furniture in your home, the less elaborate the pattern on your rug should be otherwise you could end up with clashing themes. If you have a simple pattern or no pattern at all on your furniture, you can get the wildest rug you can find and it will look terrific.

Many people can find great prices and selection on area rugs from a carpet store that can install flooring, as these places often have a great connection to good quality area rugs. In addition, you can check out what you need for your flooring and get exactly the right area rug to match your new flooring as well.

Although these are some good hints for finding the right rugs, when it comes down to your final choice, there really are no hard and fast rules. Simply take the time to really look into your options and do what pleases you – it’s your home, after all!