vinyl-exercise-room-flooringFor those health conscious Californians, having an exercise room is a necessity. Since an exercise room must often house a variety of heavy duty exercise equipment and must also be able to take drops of sweat, the floor must be just the right kind. While rubber floors are just fine for a gymnasium, it isn’t very decorative or attractive for a home. What, then, are some alternative floors for home gyms that look great too? The answer is in vinyl.

Today’s vinyl flooring is about the best type of exercise room floor, for many reasons. Today’s vinyl tile and flooring offers an incredible array of styles ranging from faux wood to faux ceramic tile. However, what remains the same is the durability, ruggedness and overall low maintenance of vinyl flooring. Many types of vinyl flooring can be created with a seamless look that offers no resistance to those exercising.

Another great fact about using vinyl for your exercise room floor is that it will not grab dirt, dust and debris and offers an easy clean surface that will stay shining and dust free. For those who like to exercise in bare feet, this makes it easy to enjoy. This type of flooring is also very sanitary in that you can easily clean it these floors with antibacterial products as well.

With the proper underfloor, a vinyl floor can also act as a great shock absorber and offers some cushioning. Vinyl can withstand dropped dumbbells, kicks, jumping around and the heavy activity of exercise without it permanently damaging the floor. Although vinyl is not completely and utterly impervious, it is unusually resistant to dings and scratches and for that reason alone, makes a spectacular exercise room floor.

Vinyl flooring is available in just about every color, tile style and size, and it is also a great way to get a fairly waterproof and shock proof floor you can enjoy in your exercise room. Carpet Wagon has a multitude of vinyl flooring options and can walk you through the perks of each type. We can also help you learn more about warranties and what will be protected.

When selecting your vinyl flooring, be sure to consider the density, the shock absorption, the waterproof abilities and the look. You will be able to use your floor for a very long time to come, and you want to get the right durability and quality.