What Are The Different Types Of Stone Flooring?If you’ve made the decision to try out stone flooring in your home, congratulations! Stone is one of the most beautiful and classical building materials that you can choose. However, now there is something else to consider: Exactly what type of stone would you like to try?

At Carpet Wagon, we strive to provide only the best flooring, and our selection of stone floors is no exception. Plus, we have made floor installation easy with a number of great guarantees that will give you peace of mind throughout the whole process.

Thanks to our commitment to great stone floors, we provide five fantastic options to choose from. Each of these is appropriate to different design needs, so it is a good idea to come to the storefront and see them in person before you decide.

The Five Different Types Of Residential Stone Flooring


Granite is one of the hardest materials in the world, and it can be truly breathtaking when used in your bathroom or kitchen. It’s especially great for kitchens because it resists incidental damage well. It has a wide range of colors, running from blue, green, yellow and gray to white and black. It is often paired with elegant, modern styles.


Slate can appear warmer and more casual than other forms of stone flooring, so it is useful all throughout your home. Although many customers prefer darker slate tiles, it has a very wide variation in color — tiles within the same batch can also vary greatly. Thanks to the different surface thickness levels of each tile, slate floors help prevent slipping.


Travertine is a highly porous stone material that looks very different from marble, even though the two are closely related. Travertine has a range of “softer” colors that make it distinctive, and lacks the veining pattern common to marble. You can find travertine in shades from chocolate all the way to cream and honey. It can instantly warm a room.


Limestone has a very wide range of warm, natural colors. You might recognize limestone as the same material used in the Great Pyramids of Egypt. It is important to make sure that you clean limestone right away in the event of any spills, since these can be absorbed in the material.


Sandstone is a very “even” material with patterns including a large number of sandy colors. It can include very bold colors or be subtle. Like many other forms of stone, it is extremely hard to damage, and it also happens to be hypoallergenic.

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