Upcoming Flooring TrendsAs the man made materials continue to improve, so too do the products they are used for, such as flooring. However, some of the latest flooring trends are actually moving away from manmade materials and are using as much natural and ecologically friendly materials as possible.

Bamboo flooring has essentially exploded in popularity, due in part to the wider availability. This lovely flooring option is affordable, very durable, and can come in many colors. It is typically available in narrow plank flooring, and so can fit into many styles of decors and sizes of rooms. It can come in wide planking as well, but this is a bit more difficult to find.

Rescued or reclaimed wood has also taken a top spot for popularity. Many old barns are now finding their wood on floors in suburban homes these days, and with good reason. The reclaimed wood is often of old growth, which is no longer readily available. You can also find very rare woods, such as chestnut and old growth walnut, in barns and these make exceptional flooring options that are naturally distressed and aged.

Tile has never really gone out of style, but many of the trends today are for larger sized tiles, not only is this for the aesthetic appeal, but it is actually more cost effective, as it means less cutting of tile, and less grout and installation. This in turn will lower the cost of installation and give you much more bang for your buck.

Vinyl is probably the most versatile of the latest flooring trends, and many people are enjoying the high end vinyl that has the lovely look of real wood or real marble, but without all of the cost and high maintenance. Today’s vinyl can feature faux wood, stone, marble and much more, and depending on the quality, can truly look like the real thing in every way.

Concrete floors are becoming more popular by the day, and with some of the new faux finishes on the market, your concrete floor can be made to look like marble or sandstone, but with very low cost and almost no maintenance.

When you visit your local flooring store in the Los Angeles area, remember to ask the staff about any new materials, new trends or interesting options for flooring. You may find just the right kind of flooring you have always wanted and simply didn’t know was out there. You can learn more about what kinds of materials just might change your flooring perspective.