Local Carpet Store - Carpet WagonWhy choose a local flooring store, like Carpet Wagon, instead of the nearest big chain store? Besides just generally sticking it to the man, there are actually a number of good reasons that choosing local experts actually benefits you as both a consumer and as a citizen of your community.

1. Exceptional Service – If there is one thing that big chain stores cannot compete with it is the level of service that local businesses can provide. When you walk into one of those warehouses you may be greeted by a friendly old man and showed to your aisle by a greasy teenager, but ultimately none of those people are bothering to get to know you, you are just a number on their balance sheets. Big stores don’t need to build a relationship with you, they do enough volume to get by without your business. When you patronize local flooring services they are able to devote their full attention to you and your unique flooring needs, and they will because they value you as a customer.

2. Real Expertise – You can only find real experts on flooring at local stores. These men and women have made their careers in flooring. Compare that to the turnover at big chains where no one in the store has worked there for more than a year. When you want real advice from someone who knows what they are talking about, you shop locally.

3. Reduce Your Environmental Impact – Locally owned flooring retailers generally source their materials locally, as opposed to big chains where their lumber and carpet is shipped from all over the globe. Shorter delivery routes mean less gas and that means lower greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

4. Support the Local Economy – With the economic down turn, local economies have been hit hard while giant corporations continue to rake in the dough. You can help create jobs in your own community while showing the mega-corporations and their beloved share-holders what you really think of them by patronizing local businesses.

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