Facts and Features of Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring

Brazilian Cherry wood, also called Jatoba, is increasingly found in the vast tropical forests of, South America, Central America, Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil. Jatoba comes from the legume family. Like most of the tree covering, it often reaches 80-150 ft high, and weigh about 56 lbs/ft2. The huge trunk could get six feet tall in diameter. Brazilian cherry wood floor has an attractive opulent gray bark which produces a gum that is occasionally used for health purposes.

This type of wood has proven resistant to almost all insects, such as termites. With bright colors of black and red stripes and interlocking grains, Brazilian Cherry wood flooring is a very attractive option for renovation or new construction of a home. When considering its stain resistance and durability, the Brazilian Cherry wood flooring will offer both a “life of delight” and a “lifetime investment” in a good-looking home.

Brazilian Cherry wood has an exceptional open grain similar to Oak wood, but is far harder. Jatoba woods also produce an awesome glow of colors that extricates it from other exotic hardwood floors. Jatoba is very dense and strong that makes it very ideal for inlays, stairs and flooring. Also, it is very easy when it comes to the installation process and it covers all of the installation choices including nail, glue down, or floating installation.

In the design realm, Brazilian cherry has been one of the most “hottest trends” in hardwood flooring. This is used in retail store fronts, enormous corporate buildings and high-end residential. In your office or home, you can form a flexible style with your own choice. Brazilian Cherry wood has the entire “green with envy” realm as they go into your house, because it suddenly produces a welcoming and warm style that will transform a room thru your own touch. It works very well in design styles and modern transition. Whether you go with an elegant approach or a more casual style, Brazilian Cherry wood floor will surely win hands down! Because of its beautiful appearance and enormously durable with nature, Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring has been very popular around the world.

In case you need the choice of renovation, you should go with the solid wood flooring. Brazilian Cherry wood floors comes “unfinished” or “pre- finished”, with different options of widths from 3-7 inches wide planks. Some

benefits of pre-finished wood are: it has no damage and it doesn’t leave many mess finish or dust when you have done the installing process. This flooring can be installed easily by homeowners who want to make home improvements by themselves. Unfinished flooring is already finished on the site and provides you a tough finish, creating it without error and bevel floor. This flooring works well in high traffic places such as bathrooms, family rooms and kitchens where you could gather more dirt and dust.

The things you need to remember are you must always consider at least 10% loss in the collection of square footage for your floor. In addition, the wood can darken during the course of its life. A great thing you should do is to ask a sample of wood from your dealer to see its range of colors and wood quality.