The fact has been revealed already that many people choose hardwood floors than carpet. Hardwood floors are commonly installed in the traffic areas such as living room, kitchens and hallways. Carpet is not that easy to clean up compared to hardwood floor. If you are deciding to prefer or change your carpet floors into hard wood, you must understand that there are many types and styles of hardwood. You could visit your nearest store manufacturing hardwood if you like.

In this article, you will learn about the various types and styles a Hardwood flooring have. The types of the hardwood floor are acrylic impregnated, solid and engineered. On the other hand, the styles of hardwood floors are Plank, Parquet and Strip. Let this article discuss it one by one. It is time to know first the three types, right after that is the styles of hardwood floor.

The Types of Hardwood Floor

Acrylic Impregnated is a very durable type of floor, is made by injecting the woods with acrylics. This type is used for how any times in commercial connections. This is very good floor to choose for most especially in the traffic areas of the house such as kitchen and living room.

hardwood floor
hardwood floor

Solid Hardwood is a complete and 100 % piece of timber. A solid material from top to bottom whether it is long or wide. With this type of hardwood, it is not just fitted to every part of your room, but also you have so many species to choose for. Finish and stain are the choices you have too. Through this type, you could be an artist too by designing paint, accents or borders for your floor. The most top advantage of all is, you could refinished it 4 to 5 times skillfully.

Engineered Wood flooring ñ the last style, is a layer of timber that is compelled to each other with the use of glue. The grains for the stability of this type of wood run in different orders or directions. You could purchase it with a measure of either 3 to 5 thickness or ply. One thing that be considered as advantage of using this, it is used for areas that have a humidity worries such as the bathroom and the basement.

The Styles

Plank styles of hardwood on your nearest store is considered to have a linear in style yet wide. It measures only 3 to 6 inches. Its drawback is that a broader linear floor may be more affected by moisture.

Next, the Parquet style, a wood flooring pieces of wood that forms a geometric style. Its range is from the five-sixteen inch adhesive and nailings for about three-fourth inch.

The last style is Strip flooring. Like plank floors, strip is also known as linear flooring but is not that wide. Its width or measurement is between 1  inch to 2  inch. Using this style of floor will give you an impression that it has a larger and more space.