Easy Ways in Restoring Wood Floors

What are the best and easy ways possible in restoring wood floors to get back to its beautiful appearance just like the time they were installed? Can I do it on my own or should I hire a refinisher?

Of course, it will wear out!

If only hardwood floors won’t wear out, you don’t have to sand, refinish, revive and restore them to the best of what you can do to make them look new again. But all

things change and no matter how much effort you exert to protect your floor time will always come, sooner or later, that they will not be as beautiful as they were the time they were installed.

Sanding isn’t the only method!

In the course of time that you live in your house, all elements will make the floors look dull, shabby and worn out. Sanding and refinishing will be the first option but, there is something else. All of the dust won’t settle in the bag in dustless sanding

but some settle on the furniture, counter tops, curtains and all other things inside a room where sanding is done.

Here are easy ways to restore wood floors. Hope this will help. Restoring wood floors physically

1. First, clear the area where you are doing the restoration so that you don’t

have to bump on anything. Scrape anything that stuck in on your floors. Clean, sweep or vacuum the floors.

2. Use a buffer instead of sander and attach a medium grit mesh screen to it for areas that are damaged most and finer grit for those that are damaged


3. Starting at the farthest part of the room, start your buffing running along

the grain in a straight line towards the door. Do this until the whole room is totally buffed flipping the mesh screen as often as needed.

4. Hand buff the corners and all sides along the wall that the buffer cannot reach by folding the mesh screen and doing it manually.

5. After vacuuming the floors, use a clean cloth or pad with mineral spirits and wipe the floors with it.

6. Using a paintbrush, apply a coating or varnish to your floors. Let it dry completely before returning the furniture into the room.

Restoring wood floors chemically

1. Open the windows in the room and move all things out; sweep, clean and vacuum the floors to remove all debris and dirt. Ensure that the room is

cleaned thoroughly.

2. To remove the old finish off the floor, apply evenly, thin coat of stain

stripper .

3. Leave the chemical on the floor for three hours allowing them to sit.

4. After the chemical has set, use a scraper to remove the finish gently, moving along the grain to avoid damaging the floors. Leave the floors overnight.

5. Use the paintbrush to apply two coats of varnish on the dried floors Allowing them to dry completely, then bring back in the furniture and all things being

removed from the room.

You can restore your floors often without sanding as long as there are no heavy damages on the floors. The good thing is, you can do it on your own too. Now you

are restoring wood floors of your own!