Stone And Ceramic Tile Options Give You Unlimited PossibilitiesAs more people are turning to green building materials for their home, the market has become flooded with more options for flooring than ever before. Stone tiles, once reserved only for the exceedingly wealthy, are now widely available and quite affordable in a range of styles, colors and thicknesses. Stone offers several interesting factors as a tile. Stone tiles are typically very durable and can withstand very heavy use as flooring and as countertops. In addition, the unusual color variations within these stone tiles make them unique and exceptionally visually stimulating.

However, ceramic tile, not to be outdone, has some interesting advantages of its own. Ceramic tile is the most popular style of tile on the market, and can match just about any budget – big or small. The ease of installation is one of the great advantages of this type of tile, and the cost for professional installation is typically quite low. As a flooring option, ceramic tile can be grouted and sealed to offer a water impermeable barrier and thus, it is a great flooring option for kitchens and bathrooms.

Regardless of whether stone or ceramic tile is the flooring of choice, many homeowners make the mistake of trying to install the tiles themselves. As many do-it-yourselfers find out later, installing tile is very time consuming. In addition, unless you have extensive experience and the right tools, it is very difficult to do correctly. Not only does the floor need to be leveled, but underlayment must be applied and perhaps even old flooring removed as well. Typically, it is actually less expensive to pay for a professional flooring company to provide the flooring installation for the tiles – the results are usually far beyond what the average homeowner could produce.

Stone has the advantage of a longer lasting product that offers a unique look due to the variations of the stone color. It is made to look as natural as possible and is the ultimate in green tile options. Ceramic, on the other hand, has a wider array of styles and colors to choose from, is often less expensive and is easier to install.

When making the choice for your tile, visit with a flooring installation company to discuss the installation costs for the two options, and discuss the longevity of the material as well as your budget restrictions. The amount of maintenance that will be needed will also need to be a factor in the choice you make for your flooring.