Window Shutters & Blinds

Let some light in with window shutters & blinds

Controlling the natural light that enters your home is the primary function of window treatments. When you’re looking to get the best of light control, décor and longevity from your window treatments, the premier option has to be shutters.

Carpet Wagon sells and installs window shutters in a variety of styles and capacities, giving you a broad range of options to complete your home’s aesthetic. Choose us for some of the best brand names in the business, backed by affordable prices and expert installation teams. Whether it’s shutters for a few windows or the whole home, we’re prepared to deliver exceptional value to you.

Choosing the right shutters

Like any window treatment, shutters play a big role in the décor and appeal of your home. Should you opt for wood or vinyl shutters? Horizontal or vertical slats? What color or texture is best? We’ll talk you through these variables when it comes to choosing the right shutters for your space. Let us help you make a confident decision that you can enjoy every day, morning to night.

Why choose window shutters?

There’s a lot to love about window shutters. Not only are they a regal, sophisticated, appealing window treatment option, they’re also highly functional and exceptionally versatile. Check out some of the chief reasons to choose window shutters for your home:

  • Light control: Nothing does a better job at blocking direct sunlight than dense, opaque shutters. Adjust them to your liking to let small amounts of light in depending on the time of day—they’re easy to control when it comes to light filtering.
  • Privacy: Close the shutters to completely block out any prying eyes. Shutters are great for people who enjoy their privacy and who don’t want to worry about casting silhouettes or shadows, even when the blinds are shut.
  • Customization: Shutters are easy to customize to match your décor, in color, style and texture. Get shutters tailored for your aesthetic for an affordable price and really bring the design theme together with stunning window treatments.
  • Efficiency: Thanks to their heavy constitution, window shutters are great at keeping excessive heat out and preserving the indoor climate when closed. They’re a great way to reduce energy costs and HVAC strain.
  • Appeal: Shutters are the pinnacle of window treatments. They’re a top-end choice that looks regal and sophisticated, no matter what design choice you make. They’re a great way to raise the standard of your interior.

All these benefits add up to a great return on investment for homeowners choosing window shutters. They’re a home installation you’ll come to appreciate every single day.


Window treatments go a long way in improving the design and comfort in your home—and nothing makes a bolder statement than window shutters. Shutters are the answer to controlling natural light exposure and a cornerstone of interior design. Carpet Wagon aims to help you find and install window shutters that offer you the best of both worlds: Beauty and functionality. 

Let’s work together to find window shutters that complement your home and your daily needs. Whether it’s blocking out glaring light, setting the mood or keeping your interior private to anyone outside, we’ve got the ideal shutters waiting. Pick your color, material and style, and we’ll install them to perfection. It’s as simple as that when you work with us! Get in touch with our team today to discuss styles and pricing. 

Ready to Transform your windows?

Want to learn more about the great benefits of window shutters? Consult with the team at Carpet Wagon today and let us introduce you to the many options for customizing window shutters for your home. Call us today at 877-519-2466 or reach us through our website to set up a consultation appointment. We carry some of the best name brands, at the best prices, so you can enjoy optimal value in your everyday life.