Styles of Carpet

People say awareness is power – possibly. But most definitely, in terms of styles of carpet, being aware is valuable, desirable and smart. As the extent of carpet options, price points, patterns, textures and colors can upset even the shopper with lots of experiences. Being aware of the basic carpet styles can give you a firm basis upon which to start your shopping journey for carpet.

different styles of carpet
different styles of carpet


There are six basic carpet styles: textured, plush or Saxony, looped, cable, and cut-and-loop. Each style has its individual performance capabilities and features. You need to carefully ponder all of the qualities, features and conditions of each style in making your purchase choice.


This is an extremely popular cut pile style of carpet that contains alternating yarn twists producing a two-tone look. This carpet’s textured surface is great in concealing vacuum marks and footprints. Textured carpets create a more casual ambiance in a room. They are ideal for every area of the house, are best for today’s busy households and are offered in a wide range of costs.


For active areas, frieze carpet is good choice. It’s a cut pile carpet style that has an extremely high level of twist, meaning all strands of yarn are twisted so firmly that they truly curl at the end. This makes a textured surface that has a knobby look, as well as a carpet of highly good wear-ability and high durability.

These carpets perform well in a high-traffic area and are suitable for use in any room. They also conceal footprints and are offered in different pile heights, creating a range of looks.


Consider the appealing Saxony for a more elegant, traditional, and formal look. This carpet style has a luxurious feel and a soft, smooth, velvet plush appearance. Every yarn has a consistent finish and twist, making Saxony carpets the best option for formal dining rooms, dining rooms or master bedrooms.

This style isn’t a good option for rooms with lively children or high traffic areas. Also know that this carpet does show vacuum marks and footprints.


This carpet is made of thicker, usually longer yarn. It’s extremely comfortable underfoot and is beautiful in living rooms or bedrooms. However, remember that cable carpet styles are more suitable for a room without lots of activity. It can crush or matte with high foot traffic so it’s not suitable for busy rooms.


This style is often called Berber. Berbers are truly big bulky yarns which are either created in multi-level loop or level loop carpet construction. Though several Berber carpets are made up of olefin fibers, some are created with nylon, or a combination of different fibers.

Looped carpet is really durable, as the yarn tips are not cut. You can notice every individual loop. This carpet is great for casual, busy rooms and available in solid colors, fleck of Berber and patterns with different loop levels.

Cut and Loop

Cut and Loop carpet is a blend of cut yarns and looped yarns that produce pattern effect by the surface textures variation. This carpet is also called patterned carpet. Similar to looped carpets, this style is low profile and so performs well but their seams are noticeable at times.

Cut and loop carpet styles are used in traditional and casual rooms and come in several patterns, like formal botanicals and fun geometrics.

We hope this information will hone your viewpoint on the carpet styles that best match your specifications and help you determine the accurate carpet to go with the pattern in each of your space.