Keep Your Home Filled With Light Even With Dark Colored FloorsThe color of your floors has a great deal to do with the overall quality of light in a room. However, there is no need to be hesitant to choose a dark colored carpet or hardwood such as walnut for fear that it will give your home a gloomy look. If used properly a dark floor can actually add a great deal of décor and aesthetic appeal even in rooms with new windows. Savvy interior decorator tricks can actually make the floors an entire part of your design and style.

Dark wood floors, such as walnut, are prized for their beauty and for their rich dark colors. Mahogany is another example of a beautiful dark wood that many people love the look of but may be too afraid to use as a floor. One great way to allow the darker floors to make the impact but without overpowering the home is to use light colored walls, ceilings and décor items. White is the great neutralizer and it can help add the light balance back into a room with a dark floor. In order to keep the dark floor as an accent, however, try to make a few of your little decorator pieces similar in color to the flooring to create a well-balanced look and feel to the room.

Another good tip is to add the glossiest shine possible to your floor. This will reflect the light off of the dark floor and gives instant brightness as well as a shining clean look. Much like mirrors can make a room feel bigger, a shining and glossy floor can add more light.

Look at your room as a whole, and remember that darker wood floors can go well with just about any décor style from Edwardian to Modern. Regardless of your particular style leanings, as long as you use your basic sense of balance, you can make any room look bright, airy and gorgeous even with a very dark floor. You can also use intricate patterns in the flooring itself to add more interest and dimension to the space, and can create shapes and interwoven colors as well to create a truly remarkable addition for your home. Many professional flooring installation companies can customize your wood flooring to create intricate patterns and designs, even with carpet as well.