Reasons Why Wood Flooring RocksWood flooring is one of the oldest types of flooring used in America, and the pioneers who built their cabins used the same basic type of wood flooring that you see in penthouse suites today. Since there have been many new types of flooring that have come on the market since the pioneering days, this should tell people that wood flooring must really have something going for it to be used for this long!

Wood flooring has many benefits. One of the prime reasons why it is still enjoyed so widely is because wood flooring is beautiful. The individual striations of color and wood grain are unique to each and every wood board, making your floors a one of a kind work of art. Additionally, as wood ages, it mellows and the colors and tones deepen, which only add to the look.

Although wood does require some maintenance such as sanding and polishing, it can last for literally hundreds of years. The more it gets used, the more character it acquires. It is sturdy enough to be enjoyed in farmhouses and workshops and yet lovely enough to set off any formal dining room.

Surprisingly, wood floors are great for people who suffer from allergies. Thanks to the smooth surface of the boards, dust and dander don’t cling but can be easily cleaned up. Additionally, wood flooring requires less cleaning than many other types of flooring, and offers a terrific option for families with children or pets.

Thanks to the unique qualities of wood boards, you can enjoy many different types of patterns on a wood floor, and don’t have to settle for the straight plank and groove. You can enjoy diamond shaped patterns or have wide and broad boards or narrow strips. The possibilities are practically endless.

Many a flooring store will have an incredible array of woods to choose from, and you can enjoy the light pine or the dark walnut boards. Anyone can find something to match their styles and tastes. has a dazzling array, and we can offer the professional installation that is truly called for with wood flooring. Take your time to consider the color, width and grain that you want for your flooring and you can enjoy the results for an entire lifetime. A flooring installation company like us can make sure you get the look you want for the long haul.