Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring Review

Facts and Features of Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring Brazilian Cherry wood, also called Jatoba, is increasingly found in the vast tropical forests of, South America, Central America, Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil. Jatoba comes from the legume family. Like most of the tree covering, it often reaches 80-150 ft high, and weigh about 56 lbs/ft2. The […]

Exotic Wood Flooring

Exotic wood floors Exotic hardwood floors are highly durable, create a luxurious look and feel,  and have a unique and inimitable structure of the wood, which will give any room a unique and opulent look. The basic division of exotic wood floors: Massive (plank, parquet, mosaic) Here, the great advantage is the virtually unlimited possibility […]

Restoring Wood Floors

Easy Ways in Restoring Wood Floors What are the best and easy ways possible in restoring wood floors to get back to its beautiful appearance just like the time they were installed? Can I do it on my own or should I hire a refinisher? Of course, it will wear out! If only hardwood floors […]

Top 5 Reasons That Hardwood Flooring Could Be For You

The Pasadena area is well known for its location in Los Angeles County, its excellent climate, and the abundance of activities nearby. However, no matter how much fun you can have out and about in the region you’ll eventually want to relax at home. The flooring in your house or condo can have a big […]

Comparing Hardwood And Carpet Flooring Options

When it comes to floor installation, both hardwood and carpet can be handled easily by any group of professionals. However, there are many considerations you can take into account to decide whether hardwood or carpet will be superior for you. Both hardwood and carpet can be used throughout the house. Both options can contribute to […]

Getting Great Hardwood Floor For Any Room Of The House

Hardwood floor can be a great alternative to carpet for many rooms of your home. While carpet is perfect for a bedroom, study, or den, hardwood floors have many advantages to recommend them. Some people are used to “wall to wall” carpeting and have actually never had the opportunity to enjoy hardwood floors. However, there […]

Narrowing Down Your Wood Flooring Color

Wood flooring can come in so many colors and styles that it can be a bit overwhelming for someone who is trying to decide what they want for their floors. The colors can range from the rich brown and purples of walnut to the soft and dark reds of cherry wood. Since wood floors are […]

Low Maintenance Flooring Makes Life Easier

One of the facts of life is that you will have to clean and maintain your floors. For busy couples, keeping their floors clean is a chore and one that they would like to undertake as little as possible. One way to help keep your maintenance at a minimum is to choose the lowest maintenance […]

Reasons Why Wood Flooring Rocks

Wood flooring is one of the oldest types of flooring used in America, and the pioneers who built their cabins used the same basic type of wood flooring that you see in penthouse suites today. Since there have been many new types of flooring that have come on the market since the pioneering days, this […]

New Versus Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

Reclaimed wood is one of the hottest trends in décor, and it can be quite easy to achieve a lovely mix of authentic rustic charm that goes nicely with modern and contemporary furniture and homes. However, although reclaimed hard wood – otherwise known as barn wood – is in some ways superior to the new […]