Lifetime Installation Warranty*

All warranties regarding product defect(s) are predicated on a pro-rated basis and all product will be equally credited by the total amount of the contract price, divided by the length of the product warranty, to determine a yearly rate, which will be multiplied by the number of years the customer used the product to determine the usage value for offset purposes. Further, all product defects or replacements (of any type) after a 2 year period, the consumer will be solely responsible to pay for all labor costs. 

Regarding repairs for installation related issues, all service requests placed over 2 years from the original installation date will be subject to a $50 processing fee. If consumer fails to supply this payment, they effectively waive all rights and claims in relation to any labor warranty listed on their original contract. If repairs are possible, Carpet Wagon reserves the right to repair any issues as opposed to replacing any flooring. In the unlikely event that you need to have your carpet re-stretched after two years it would not be the result of improper installation but part of the normal maintenance and would require a charge. Warranties do not carry any cash value. Should any consumer deny Carpet Wagon access to their job site to warranty the flooring installed, they waive all rights and claims in relation to any warranties listed on their contract with Carpet Wagon. Consumer is responsible to report any issues with their flooring to Carpet Wagon within 72 hours of them developing. Failure to do so may negate any responsibility and/or liability Carpet Wagon has to any flooring installed. 

Laminate & Hardwood Disclaimer*

Making any modifications affecting the ability of the laminate floor to float appropriately after installation will negate installation of new walls, and changes with door location or size. 

Tile And Stone Warranties* 

“To protect and preserve your investment, the home owner is responsible to maintain ambient humidity levels in the covered under any manufacturer product warranty or labor warranty offered by Carpet Wagon.” 

Carpet Wagon is not responsible for problems arising from underlayment not installed by us, nor are we responsible for movement and/or settling of any concrete slabs and/or modular homes. All warranties for all flooring are predicated on proper care & maintenance and are void if damages occur in relation to improper maintenance, customer abuse, acts of God, or any circumstances beyond the control of Carpet Wagon. All warranties exclude damages in relation to discoloration from asphalt driveways, indentations from high heeled shoes, scratches, and/or damages caused by chairs, tables, appliances, pets, and/or other objects. Wood & laminate flooring should not be cleaned with water and/or subjected to excessive moisture and/or humidity, as it may damage your flooring. Flooring must be subjected to reasonable and consistent temperatures, year-round. Failure to keep home climatized between 60 -80 degrees effectively voids all labor and material warranties, and will likely cause damage to your flooring. 

All material and product warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturers. Stain resistant warranties, soil resistant warranties, texture retention warranties, scratch resistance warranties, tear resistant warranties, fade resistant warranties all vary depending upon the product and manufacturer and are also not to be confused with quality assurance or wear warranties. In order to keep all carpet warranties in effect the consumer must have carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year and have receipts to validate such.

Manufacturer warranties are the sole responsibility and liability of the manufacturer. Carpet Wagon reserves the right to extend any warranties at their discretion. Any extensions of warranty must be in writing on the original contract (sales draft) to be valid. In such case that Carpet Wagon extends any manufacturer warranty, the Manufacturer will be solely responsible for their original warranty. Carpet Wagon shall only be responsible for any warranty extensions after, and only after, the original manufacturer warranty has expired. 

Warranties are not transferrable unless expressly stated on the original sales draft. In the event that Express allows a warranty to transfer from the original home owner, it is only the material warranties that will transfer. The lifetime installation warranty is not transferable under any circumstances and is only available to individual(s) named on the original sales draft. 

Please remember that flooring will be as good to you, as you are to it. Regular maintenance and cleaning is essential to preserve the quality and durability of your flooring.

Seasonal Change Disclaimer* 

Seasonal Changes & what to expect: (all flooring installation methods).

Seasonal gapping should be expected in all wood flooring and does not constitute a product failure. It is normal that wood floors will be affected by fluctuating levels of humidity within your home. Care should be taken to control humidity levels to within the 30-50% range and maintain temperatures of 60-80°F. To protect your investment and to assure that your floors provide lasting satisfaction, note the recommendations below:

(Dry) Heating Season –A humidifier may be needed to prevent excessive shrinkage in wood floors due to low humidity levels. Wood stoves, radiant floor heat and electric heat will create dryer conditions.

(Humid, Wet) Non – Heating Season – Proper humidity levels can be maintained by use of an air conditioner or dehumidifier. Avoid excessive exposure to water during periods of inclement weather. Do not obstruct expansion joints around the perimeter of your floor.

Customer understand that wood flooring is a natural product and the home must be environmentally maintained. Consequently, the installation warranty and manufacturer warranty is void if the customer does not follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintaining humidity levels and temperatures in their home.

Ambient Humidity Disclaimer*

“To protect and preserve your investment, the home owner is responsible to maintain ambient humidity levels in the covered under any manufacturer product warranty or labor warranty offered by Carpet Wagon.”