Kid Friendly FlooringChildren are terrific fun, and sometimes, they are also a terrific mess. There is no denying that even the neatest children will bring spills, dirt, mud, and mess into a home, and a savvy parent will prepare in advance for any messes that go along with parenting.

While carpet is often overlooked as a type of kid friendly flooring, due to the high maintenance needed for spills, there are many types of incredibly stain resistant carpet out on the market today. Since carpet is soft and can help cushion falls, it is really helpful to have carpet with toddlers and small children. Simply look into the best stain resistant carpet on the market and you can have the best of both worlds – soft flooring and stain free carpet.

Laminate tile is an excellent choice for kid’s rooms or kid-friendly flooring. The thicker and better quality laminate tiles you see at local flooring installation companies are much softer and cushiony, and these tiles are – if installed correctly – practically impervious to spills and liquids. In addition, thanks to some of the new types of laminate on the market, you can get laminate that looks like antique wood or mosaic tiles. Your choices are virtually unlimited as far as style. Laminate is also incredibly easy to clean, and is perfect for children with allergies, as laminate will not allow allergens and dander to “stick” to the floor.

Cork or bamboo makes excellent choices for children’s flooring. This type of wood floor is also ecologically friendly and they look fantastic. This floor is also very durable and can take a lot of wear and tear. This floor is also quite affordable and is easily installed. There are many different colors and styles of cork or bamboo so parents don’t have to sacrifice style and can still have a safe and very durable flooring for their children.

Essentially, you want floors that are strong and scratch resistant, impervious to spills and falls, and can offer safety and style as well. This may sound like a tall order, but Carpet Wagon has an incredible array of flooring options for parents and those without children. Remember, it is better to get the right kind of flooring in advance than spend your spare time undergoing constant cleaning or maintenance on your floors, so check into your pros and cons for your flooring options for your children.