Low Maintenance Flooring Makes Life EasierOne of the facts of life is that you will have to clean and maintain your floors. For busy couples, keeping their floors clean is a chore and one that they would like to undertake as little as possible. One way to help keep your maintenance at a minimum is to choose the lowest maintenance flooring on the market from a quality flooring installation company.

Carpet is a great type of flooring, but it is undeniably one of the higher maintenance types of flooring. It is easy to stain, requires constant vacuuming and can leave behind footprints and impressions constantly. For those who are wishing to enjoy the look and feel of carpet but want no maintenance, try an area rug instead. You can find plush and thick area rugs that will easily fill your need for softness but without the constant maintenance. However, don’t forget that many new types of carpet today feature incredible stain resistance options that can truly lower your shampooing needs.

Wood flooring is one of the better low maintenance types of flooring, and today you can find genuine wood floors or can enjoy laminate faux wood. This type of flooring doesn’t require a great deal of cleaning, and you can sweep once or twice a week and damp mop. As long as a flooring installation company ensured a tight fit for the boards, you should have little maintenance and may only need to have it sanded and polished every ten years or so. Laminate wood flooring tiles won’t even need that, but can have an incredible warranty and life span.

Tile, whether ceramic or natural stone, is one of the best options for low maintenance flooring. Ensuring that the tile was grouted and sealed properly, you should only need to sweep and mop occasionally. Unless a tile breaks, this is a type of flooring you can truly just enjoy and forget about.

A busy family has many things to attend to and while floors are a priority, living a good life is a bigger priority. You can find flooring that will help make your daily cleaning schedule easy, and can wipe up spills, avoid constant steam cleaning and simply tidy up as needed.

CarpetWagon.com has a wide variety of flooring options, and you can discuss your low maintenance needs with us to learn what kind of care each type of flooring needs.