Narrowing Down Your Wood Flooring ColorWood flooring can come in so many colors and styles that it can be a bit overwhelming for someone who is trying to decide what they want for their floors. The colors can range from the rich brown and purples of walnut to the soft and dark reds of cherry wood. Since wood floors are put in to last for many years, the colors you choose for the wood will be the ones you see every day, so it really is important to carefully consider what you want.

While the room color and furniture colors in your home will change over the years, you still need to consider the overall palate when considering flooring colors. If you enjoy dark colored walls and furniture, you may want to choose a lighter color wood, like pine, to contrast. If you have a lighter color scheme in mind, you can enjoy the darker hardwoods without the flooring making a room appear smaller or gloomy. Consider, too, the number and size of the windows in the home, as this will either add or detract to a gloomy interior. Generally, dark wood flooring should only be used in larger and brighter rooms.

Don’t forget about the reds – cherry and mahogany are extraordinary looking wood floors, and they can dress up any room to a surprising degree. Mahogany has been used for furniture and flooring for hundreds of years, and with good reason. This somewhat rare wood is filled with streaks of reds and browns and will mellow beautifully with age. It looks magnificent with both large and small rooms, and also goes well with just about any type of décor style.

Aside from the color, consider the finish. A rustic and character filled wood floor will need to be balanced carefully. For those that want a more formal looking wood floor, choose a high shine and polish for the wood. A rustic or natural finish goes well with a more relaxed atmosphere. has multi-color wood flooring options, and you can go in and look at samples to help you narrow down your choices. The flooring installation teams have a lot of experience in seeing what works for a room and what doesn’t, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! You deserve to enjoy seeing your flooring every day, so take the time to really compare and contrast your wood flooring color options.