Home decorating from the ground up

[custom_frame_center][/custom_frame_center] What best defines your decorating style? Sleek and modern? Shabby Chic? Traditional Americana? http://www.hebel48.ru/legit-payday-loan-online Our homes are an extension of ourselves and our families. How you decorate your home expresses part of who you are. Decorating is a process that can be done from the “ground” up, so to speak. What kind of flooring […]

Why wool is wonderful

Here in Southern California we don’t think about wool very much. Since we are blessed with warm, temperate weather for most of the year, the majority of us only bring out our wool sweaters or even “woolens” (as our grandmothers called it) a few times a year. Most of us in warmer climates have lost […]

What would you like to learn?

As the “CEO” of your house, we know you have a lot of things to manage.  We envision “Beyond the Welcome Mat” as a growing resource space for you.  We want to be a space to encourage learning smart tips about your house, a place where you can kick around new ideas about the family, […]