Five Tips For Finding The Right Carpet

Once upon a time, carpet was a type of flooring reserved for the uber rich. Today, it seems most homes in America have wall to wall carpeting, and the low cost and high availability seems to indicate that carpet is here to stay. However, not all carpet is created equal, so before you open up […]

Laminate Floor – The Enchanting Imitation

Laminate floors tend to be very good imitations of wood, and also stone or tiles. The top layer of the floor is in fact formed by printing, filling resin paper, which can have an arbitrary pattern. Laminate floors are multi-layer floor coverings, which are largely made of wood materials. Compared with traditional all-wood flooring, laminate […]

Laying Laminate Floors

Some tips on how to lay laminate floors: -First you have to check the material you buy. It is also important to check the locks that are used to connect pieces. The most common defect when unpacking materials are chipped corner blades; hence you need to check everything thoroughly.   Important tips: – Before installation, […]

The Perks of Laminate Flooring in Your Home

Laminate flooring in the early years did not have high quality – but thanks to the constant development, laminate flooring has achieved great progress. Laminate flooring is now one of the most popular floor coverings in the world.   Laminate floor is composed of three layers The bottom layer of the laminate is coated with […]

Carpet Density: Choosing the Perfect Carpet

In the quest for finding a great carpet for your home, you need to be knowledgeable about simple and basic facts surrounding the product. Several tips have been published on how to choose a carpet with quality, style and low cost. One key factor that Carpet Wagonadvises you to remember is the carpet density. A […]

Carpet Planning and Fitting Tips

wool carpet

Budgeting It’s always wise to ascertain an estimate of the quantity of carpet you’ll need installing before you visit your local retailer or manufacturer. However if you can’t locate your tape measure, your local carpet retailer will be more than willing to come to your house and measure the necessary areas for you. The major […]

Home decorating from the ground up

[custom_frame_center][/custom_frame_center] What best defines your decorating style? Sleek and modern? Shabby Chic? Traditional Americana? Our homes are an extension of ourselves and our families. How you decorate your home expresses part of who you are. Decorating is a process that can be done from the “ground” up, so to speak. What kind of flooring […]

Why wool is wonderful

Here in Southern California we don’t think about wool very much. Since we are blessed with warm, temperate weather for most of the year, the majority of us only bring out our wool sweaters or even “woolens” (as our grandmothers called it) a few times a year. Most of us in warmer climates have lost […]

What would you like to learn?

As the “CEO” of your house, we know you have a lot of things to manage.  We envision “Beyond the Welcome Mat” as a growing resource space for you.  We want to be a space to encourage learning smart tips about your house, a place where you can kick around new ideas about the family, […]