Carpet Fibers and Carpet Padding

Choosing Carpet: Carpet Fibers and Carpet Pad Carpet Fiber Types The selection of fiber affects the end use performance of carpet. Carpet fibers come in some basic types, which are as follow: Nylon Fiber Nylon is usually used in carpet. The features of this type of carpet fiber include the aptitude to produce a range […]

Basic Styles of Carpet

Styles of Carpet People say awareness is power – possibly. But most definitely, in terms of styles of carpet, being aware is valuable, desirable and smart. As the extent of carpet options, price points, patterns, textures and colors can upset even the shopper with lots of experiences. Being aware of the basic carpet styles can […]

A Guide on Carpeting

A Guide on Carpeting Experience the warmth and comfort of the carpeting and enjoy a desirable landing area for your feet. Carpets dampen sound to make a room more tranquil, and the plethora of patterns, textures, and colors improves your styles. You will also be glad about the fitted dirt-repelling technologies. Today, several carpets can […]

Carpet Fibers

There are different types of carpet, different fibers make up different styles and feels of carpet. Even though some carpets are comprised of blends, the majority are made totally of one of the four basic carpet fibers, as follow: Nylon Carpets   Since the early 1960’s, nylon fiber has been the most frequently used type. […]

Selecting the Carpet for your Home

It is not new to us that carpets have become a big deal to a number of homeowners. When you enter into a house, you will notice that a room or more is embellished with a carpet. People find that the many benefits of having a carpet are indeed true. Therefore, it is without a […]

The best Carpet for your home

Carpets are essential elements in a house. Its main use is for floor coverings but it is also great for aesthetic purposes. Homeowners everywhere would purchase a carpet for several reasons. Even  though it may be a single item in your house, it would increase the comfort and luxury of the homeowners. It brings a […]

How to shop for the Best Carpet

The carpet industry has expanded in full bloom. It has increased in popularity throughout the years. Back then, only the royal families could afford the luxury of having carpets in their palaces. But as industrialization took place, machineries producing several carpets emerged all around the globe. Now, we have a wide variety of carpeting in […]

Carpet Industry: The Facts

Since time immemorial, carpets have been part of our industry. People use this on several occasions because this entails luxury and class. Aside from the aesthetic detail that it brings about, it is also used for keeping a warm and fuzzy feel during cold seasons. These days, we see carpets usually in floor coverings but […]