Energy Efficient Flooring Options

While cold and frigid winters are rarely a concern in Southern California, many people would still like to lower their utility bills during the winter months and have a home that is as economically friendly and cost effective as possible. Your floors can have a great deal to do with the energy efficiency of your […]

Going Green With Your Flooring

The latest trend in home design and décor is to go “green”, or to find natural products that are not harmful to the environment or your health. As the green movement has gathered steam, it has made more natural products available to the average homeowner, and this means that the next time you go shopping […]

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Choices

While hardwood floors are some of the most beautiful types of flooring available, they are also not necessarily very environmentally friendly. Many of the most desirable woods used for flooring are harvested from endangered forests, and the logging companies who harvest them may not necessarily be using green business practices or replacing the trees after […]