Vinyl Flooring Can Give You Any Look You Want

When people envision vinyl flooring, they are probably thinking about the industrial type of vinyl that is more durable than adorable. The fact is, today’s vinyl flooring is nothing like what you see in old buildings. Today’s vinyl is actually far superior than many other types of flooring on the market and is also very […]

Stone And Ceramic Tile Options Give You Unlimited Possibilities

As more people are turning to green building materials for their home, the market has become flooded with more options for flooring than ever before. Stone tiles, once reserved only for the exceedingly wealthy, are now widely available and quite affordable in a range of styles, colors and thicknesses. Stone offers several interesting factors as […]

Why Choose Local Flooring Experts?

Why choose a local flooring store, like Carpet Wagon, instead of the nearest big chain store? Besides just generally sticking it to the man, there are actually a number of good reasons that choosing local experts actually benefits you as both a consumer and as a citizen of your community.

The Science Of Water Damage

Before you choose hardwood for your next flooring installation, there is one important thing you need to consider. While hardwood floors are generally considered one of the most attractive, luxurious flooring options. For all its classical appeal however, it has a major weakness: it is easily warped or damaged by moisture. Wood flooring is a […]

Which Flooring Options Are Quietest?

One important consideration to make when choosing flooring for a new home or for a remodeling project that often goes overlooked is just how noisy the floor is going to be. Certain types of flooring are inherently noisier when walked upon, so it may be worth taking into account the kind of traffic that the […]

Getting To Know Your Woods

For ages, people have enjoyed the beauty and longevity of hardwood flooring. A well maintained hardwood floor can last for generations. But where did it all begin? Every plank on every hardwood floor came from a tree somewhere. Many of the most common types of hardwood flooring may have even come from relatives of the […]

True Hardwood v. Laminate Flooring

Frequently you will walk into someone’s new home and they will expect you to marvel at the beauty of their hardwood flooring. More often than not, they are misleading you; you are actually looking at and standing upon laminate flooring. There are a number of differences between these two types of flooring, some subtle and […]

Best Flooring Options For Families With Pets

When making the decision to have a new flooring installation, there are a plethora of considerations a family has to make. One that is frequently overlooked by homeowners, and one they come to regret not making, is how their flooring will affect their pets, and vice versa of course. Dogs and cats can find certain […]

Safe Flooring For Young Families

Children, especially toddlers, represent a unique problem for families looking to have their floors replaced. Children are not only especially good at scuffing, scratching and staining floors, they are also uniquely vulnerable to some potentially harmful elements of the manufacturing and installation process of new floors. Some types of flooring can be dangerous for kids […]

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Choices

While hardwood floors are some of the most beautiful types of flooring available, they are also not necessarily very environmentally friendly. Many of the most desirable woods used for flooring are harvested from endangered forests, and the logging companies who harvest them may not necessarily be using green business practices or replacing the trees after […]