Safe Flooring For Young Families

Children, especially toddlers, represent a unique problem for families looking to have their floors replaced. Children are not only especially good at scuffing, scratching and staining floors, they are also uniquely vulnerable to some potentially harmful elements of the manufacturing and installation process of new floors. Some types of flooring can be dangerous for kids […]

Engineered v. Natural Wood Floors

Having a hardwood floor installed in your home is a great way to improve the value of your property and add a touch of classical beauty to your home. Hardwood floors have a long life expectancy, between 75 and 100 years with proper maintenance. There are of course some considerations to make when choosing hardwood […]

Bathroom Floors 101

Choosing the right flooring to install when building or remodeling your bathroom is essential for protecting both your investment and your health. A bathroom floor needs two things to be effective: water resistance and slip resistance. Given the amount of ambient moisture most residential bathrooms experience you do not want a floor that will easily […]