What’s Hot In The Flooring Market Today? A Look At Upcoming Flooring Trends

As the man made materials continue to improve, so too do the products they are used for, such as flooring. However, some of the latest flooring trends are actually moving away from manmade materials and are using as much natural and ecologically friendly materials as possible. Cas Advance Bamboo flooring has essentially exploded in popularity, […]

Vinyl Flooring Can Give You Any Look You Want

When people envision vinyl flooring, they are probably thinking about the industrial type of vinyl that is more durable than adorable. The fact is, today’s vinyl flooring is nothing like what you see in old buildings. Today’s vinyl is actually far superior than many other types of flooring on the market and is also very […]

Bathroom Floors 101

Choosing the right flooring to install when building or remodeling your bathroom is essential for protecting both your investment and your health. A bathroom floor needs two things to be effective: water resistance and slip resistance. Given the amount of ambient moisture most residential bathrooms experience you do not want a floor that will easily […]