Why Might You Choose Area Rugs Instead Of Carpet Installation?At Carpet Wagon, we typically recommend that homeowners try wall to wall carpet in every room of the house unless the room’s function obviously precludes it.

Naturally, we rarely see anyone ask about carpet in the kitchen or the bathroom because of how important it is that these areas are kept spotless all the time.

For most of the rest of the house, comfort is the order of the day. There is nothing else quite like carpet when it comes to providing maximum comfort and making the home more attractive for you to live in.

However, there are some customers who might want to consider area rugs instead of carpet. Area rugs can be useful in several different situations, although they are not for everyone.

Let’s consider some of the reasons why you might choose area rugs instead of a complete carpet installation from Carpet Wagon.

Good Reasons To Use Area Rugs Throughout The Home

1) Area Rugs Are Inexpensive

Sometimes, you may be moving into a new home and have a reduced budget for a while. If you want to defray the costs of laying carpet in multiple rooms at the same time, consider getting some area rugs instead. Rugs can soften a room at a much lower price.

2) Area Rugs Allow You to Try Things Out

If you are moving into a new home, you may or may not have a clear idea of exactly what the color scheme will be. When you use area rugs, you can try out several different perspectives on the room before you go with something on the long term.

3) Area Rugs Are Eclectic

You might find that some areas of the house work better with carpet than others. If you use area rugs, you can test out different approaches to the various rooms. You can get a better idea what style you want from the house by using rugs with different shapes and styles.

4) Area Rugs Are Easy to Maintain

Area rugs are much easier to keep clean than wall to wall carpet. Many area rugs can even be put in the washing machine. On the other hand, you should vacuum your carpets on a weekly basis to get the best performance from them.

At Carpet Wagon, we provide a wide variety of solutions for home owners who want to enjoy the best carpet at the best price. Call or email us today to discover more.